A Digital Book

Donutland is an illustrated modern fantasy for children aged 6-9. 

Come on an adventure with Xyzab and Seria, the Ubbles, to discover the wonders of Donutland. Visit the Sunside, the Inside, and even the Darkside. Meet the engineering Ingies, the warrior Clunkers, the evil witch Zzz, and the Enigmatic E. Fight off the Horrids and the Oogoes. And, swim  and drink in the rivers of chocolate and lemonade. With 32 chapters, over 40,000 words, and 100+ illustrations, Donutland is an immersive experience for children of all ages.

Donutland is a digital book that is a bit different from the traditional physical book or the conventional e-book. It is a text that allows for alteration, mutation, and transformation. You can change the text – to rename characters, add new characters, and add new scenes. You can add illustrations inline, record in your own voice, and mark up annotations layered over the text. You can also change the design and the layout of the book.

Inline with oral traditions more common before the invention of the printed book, Donutland takes digital text into a direction that allows you to make the story your own – a story that is changed and alive by the reading and retelling of it.

Donutland is a custom built iOS app, designed specifically for the iPad, to create a new experience for readers that only a digital text can provide.

Coming soon to the Apple App Store!


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Alternate Worlds is a publisher of original digital books and games.

Over the last decade books have been going through a transition from a print only form to a digital+ existence. Alternate Worlds is working on technologies that will improve the digital reading and writing experience.

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